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One of the major CPSB concerns is related to students’ access of information which can provide them the knowledge and the necessary help in academic or professional life.

Furthermore, Somatic Psychotherapy Center in Biosynthesis (CPSB) is a school with an environmental conscience: evading unnecessary use of paper and appealing to new technologies whenever possible by providing students the digital design material and additional video conference classes with international teachers, thus avoiding needless travels.

Paper will be used as a learning vehicle only when extremely necessary. Therefore, our training programs benefit the new technologies virtues and everything gets at the distance of a single "click".

Our students then have access to the full collection of digital work, leaving to them the decision of printing the material if felt like necessary and considering the exemplars sale strictly prohibited.

We also try to include and renew the knowledge that has been generated in Biosynthesis setting as well as everything that is related to it in terms of "Articles/ Journals" matters.

Some pieces of work, that are not available in digital format, can be found in our CPSB paper collection if order at the office desk.

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